The Contracting module focuses on the general contracting activities, which can be applied by contractors to manage his work remotely and from many locations. The sub modules of Contracting module will provides contractors with informations like contract management, bill of quantity, survey logs, reporting, work management and invoicing & payment. The sub-modules attached includes:
Figure: Overall Enterprise Suite for Workplace.
Figure: Overall contracting module attributes

1. Contract Management
Manage your contracts and contractors easily. Manage the contract process through completion for contracted service on your facilities, buildings and assets.

2. Bill of Quantity
It keep tracks of current and also upcoming Bill of Quantity that needs to be finished. Also, data of every Bill of Quantity can be uploaded and stored in the system for future reference.

3. Survey Logs
Capture trends of pricing from specific organizations or companies for certain contracts from time to time for future reference.

4. Reporting
Shows overall costing for contracts and also overall asset maintenance summary related to the contract.

5. Work Management
Helps organizations manage work tasks involving contracting that need to be performed on locations. Work management matches tasks to agent skills, geographic territory assignments, and available inventory.

6. Invoicing and Payment
Work closely and diligently with you to optimize the cash flow in your business. With this module, you can gain total control of your cash flow, reduce administrative costs and increase your productivity.